Four Healing Roads Lodge (halfway house)

Federally funded halfway house, sharing circle led by an Elder, free access to many on-site programs including basic literacy skills, positive parenting, anger management and more.

Record Suspension (Pardon) program

This is the place to learn about Record Suspensions, also known as Pardons. If you have an old record you want cleared or pardoned, read on!

Bail Navigator program

Upon referral from a lawyer, we assist individuals on bail (low to medium risk) who want to improve the outcome of their involvement with the criminal justice system. Please note the types of cases we accept.

Literacy Program

One-to-one literacy training inside the Winnipeg Remand Centre and in our community classroom; a newsletter by people in prison; dads in custody read and record stories for their children on the outside.

Reintegration Services and Classes

Courses in anger management, substance abuse, and addictions (all free), birth certificates (men inside prison apply through our agency), clothes for men upon release (all free), free community clothes closet Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Healing and Harm Reduction Substance Abuse Program

Sessions take place inside a correctional facility and in the community. The program addresses the isolation from culture, community and services experienced by Indigenous men due to their trauma and subsequent problems with substance abuse and the law.