Bail Navigator Program

For individuals on bail who want to improve the outcome of their involvement with the justice system.

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What we can do

Our Bail Navigator keeps in regular contact with clients in the program and provides the following supports:

• Check in with participants weekly, either in person or by phone

• Offer reminders of court dates

• Review bail conditions and provide guidance to help clients meet them

• Provide referrals to community programs, supports, and services

• Provide information about programs for mental health, substance use, employment, and more.

Program requirements

In order for the Bail Navigator to provide regular contact, program participants must have:

• A verifiable address

• Consistent use of a phone number, email address, or other means of regular communication (for example, a texting or messaging app)

Who is eligible?

This program is for low- to medium-risk individuals on bail who need support to maintain their release conditions.

Those who typically qualify are those with allegations such as:

✔ Property crimes

✔ Mischief related offences

✔ Administrative breaches

✔ Driving offences

✔ Limited violence offences

✔ Domestic charges where the person’s criminal record is not extensive

Who is not eligible?

We are not able to accept individuals with:

✖ A history of repeated offences

✖ Active gang membership

✖ Sexual assault charges

✖ A prior conviction involving violence against an intimate partner

✖ Arson charges

✖ Repeated convictions of drug trafficking

✖ An indictable offence committed while released on bail for another indictable offence

✖ Unlawful possession of a loaded prohibited or restricted firearm, breaking and entering to steal a firearm, robbery to steal a firearm, or making an automatic firearm

✖ Indictable offences alleged to involve firearms or other weapons where the accused is subject to a weapons prohibition order

✖ A serious offence involving violence and the use of a weapon where the accused was previously convicted of an offence with the same criteria

How to get started

Individuals must be referred by a lawyer. To get started, ask your lawyer to download a referral form at:

For more information,

Contact the Bail Navigator

Julie Nyman
204-775-1514 ext. 115

Download referral and consent forms here:

Photo credit: Susan Sewert, Pixabay