Bail Navigator Program

For men on bail who want to improve the outcome of their involvement with the criminal justice system.

Assistance for a person on bail

We assist clients with weekly check-ins with a John Howard Society staff member in person or by phone;

Review bail conditions and offer suggestions to help the client follow them;

Provide referrals to programs and services within the community; and

Offer reminders of court dates.

Community support

When required, the service provider will contact supports/community service providers to ensure compliance.

Meetings, contacts and supports will continue until the case is disposed.

 Please Note:

• Individuals must be referred by a lawyer.

• We offer in-person and online programming.

• Inquiries welcome.

For more information, contact:

Julie Nyman, Bail Navigator

204-775-1514 ext. 115

Photo credit: Susan Sewert, Pixabay