Bail Navigator Program


We assist clients with • weekly check-ins in person or by phone • review bail conditions and offer suggestions to help the client follow them • provide referrals to programs, supports, and services within the community • 0ffer reminders of court dates • meetings, contacts and supports will continue until the case is disposed.

Note: individuals must be referred by a lawyer.

Bail Navigation Program Goal and Mandate

Who is this program for?

The program goal is to provide additional support to individuals who are released on bail to ensure they comply with their conditions until their case is disposed. 

This program is for those who would be candidates for bail, based on the offence(s) alleged to have been committed, the record of the accused and the circumstance of the individual but are in need of support to maintain their release conditions.

What level of risk do you work with?

The program will work with offenders who would generally be considered lower to medium risk.  It is not designed for higher risk offenders who may require more supervision than can be provided by the program with its current resources.

What factors influence level of risk?

The level of risk may be determined by a limited record or offences on the record that are not of the most serious nature. Indications of higher risk would include an individual who continues to commit the same offence with a lengthy criminal record. 

Although not a bar to the program factors such as drug addiction, mental illness, and transient lifestyle can further raise the risk of an accused individual. 

What if you can’t provide bail supervision?

If the Bail Navigator does not believe they can supervise an individual in the community they will inform counsel that they will not be able to provide a release plan. 

What is a typical scenario for bail supervision?

Typically offenders that can be supervised will be people with allegations of property crimes, limited violence offences, mischief related offences, administrative breaches, domestic charges where the record is not extensive, driving offences and other offences not involving significant violence.

Does the client need to have stable community contacts?

It is the important that the offender have a consistent address, job or ties to the community in some other manner so continuing contact and supervision by the Bail Navigator is possible.  The Bail Navigator program is designed to help people follow their conditions and regular contact is a necessary prerequisite.

Contact the Bail Navigator

Julie Nyman
204-775-1514 ext. 115

Download referral and consent forms here:

Photo credit: Susan Sewert, Pixabay