Healing Program for Indigenous Men

UPDATE: We are recruiting participants for the following start date: April 6, 2020. See contact information below.

This is a new, closed-group program that takes place over 14 sessions.

It will be a safe place for participants to understand themselves and learn how to identify things that trigger unhealthy responses.

We will share ideas and explore strategies to cope in healthier ways. We welcome the following participants:

Indigenous men (First Nations, Métis and/or Inuit)  who are 18 and older, have experienced childhood trauma, are open to learning about the effects of childhood sexual trauma, who want to identify supports and build a support network, and learn new skills that can help them in their future interactions.

Please note: participants are not required to disclose any information about their trauma.

More about the program

Brochure available as a PDF or from the John Howard Society of Manitoba

Brochure for Healing Program for Indigenous Men

The program includes guidance from an Indigenous Elder. This can help participants cultivate strength and healing from a cultural perspective.

Participants will learn about the effects for childhood trauma, including sexual abuse.

The program also includes a confidential assessment and evaluation process in which participants are required to  participate.

Participants have the opportunity to attend group sessions, develop an individualized case plan and receive follow up support.

Please note: We have learned that men in previous programs have experienced many complex traumas, including but not limited to childhood sexual abuse.

Therefore, going forward we are expanding the criteria to include all childhood traumas, which may include childhood sexual abuse (please see the brochure for a list of these forms of trauma, click on the brochure image on this page).

The session topics remain the same, which will include the session on childhood sexual abuse. Therefore, it is important that referrals are comfortable with the topic of childhood sexual abuse.

How to start

We prefer that participants are referred to us by an agency or counselor. People can also refer themselves.

For a referral form or more information:

Phone: 204-775-1514, ext. 108, or

Email: mnolin@johnhoward.mb.ca.