Restorative Justice

What do we mean by Restorative Justice?

Our organization is founded on the principles of restorative justice.  This form of justice is holistic in approach, rooted in the principles of Canada’s First Nations, those of the United States and many cultures around the world.

Restorative Justice is about giving all parties involved in a conflict the opportunity to take an active role in a safe and respectful process that allows open dialogue between the victim, our client and the community.

For the communities surrounding the victim, it provides an understanding of the root causes of the crime, often poverty and/or addictions and mental health driven, so the community has the opportunity to address the root causes to prevent further victimization.

For the victims, it provides an opportunity to talk about the harm caused, ask questions that may be necessary as part of the healing process and the opportunity to have input on how best to move forward.

For our clients, it is about taking responsibility and being held accountable for the harm they caused.  It also affords the opportunity for our clients to make amends by trying to repair that harm for their victims and their communities.

Restorative justice is about empowering everyone to create their own safer and healthier communities.