About us

Our services:

We run a reintegration program that offers support and resources both inside the various provincial and federal institutions in Manitoba as well as to clients in the community.

Our literacy program is designed to meet not only our clients’ literacy needs but also address the barriers that kept them from succeeding in more traditional education centres.

We also run a Bail Assessment, Support and Supervision Program with a community-based alternative sentencing program.

We offer the following classes:

End to Aggression – a program designed to help participants avoid further assaultive and/or aggressive behaviour by understanding how the way we think affects how we feel and ultimately affects our actions.

Triple P Parenting – a preventatively oriented program that aims to promote positive, caring relationships between parents and their children.

Introduction to Healthy Relationships – provides participants with information about healthy relationships, healthy and unhealthy behaviour within relationships, and tools to promote behavioural change.

Coming to Terms – provides information that will assist participants in evaluating their use of alcohol and other drugs, and the consequences that it may pose on their lives, as well as the lives around them.

See our Reintegration page for more information.

With thanks for support from:

The Winnipeg Foundation, United Way Winnipeg, The Thomas Sill Foundation, PGI Canada, Assiniboine Credit Union, DeFehr Foundation, Canadian Footwear, Manitoba Community Services Council Inc.